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Hit the slideshow and see features of The Ohana, 2 bedrooms, with a fold out couch in
the living room,  1 bath, living room and full kitchen.   This, as well as some nearby
landmarks on the Boardwalk and Bay.   
Everything you see is within walking
, except for the Assateague Ponies which are a fifteen minute drive down
Route 611...
Rent your home at the beach in Ocean City, MD!
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Here's an aerial look with Google Earth.  Google has it as
a wide shot, so you have to zoom in. When you do, and
see the words, "Dayton Lane", the house is just north of
that, the 1st house south of 1st Street...
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Senior Week Rates (weeks in June)
$1800 for the week
Plus 10.5% tax, and $500 refundable deposit.
June 3rd thru June 10th 2017
June 10th thru June 17th 2017
June 17th thru June 24th, 2017
June 24th thru July 1st, 2017